HALO ELEVATE vs. Elevate Leads on Nutrients That Support the Top 5 Health Concerns

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We have nothing to hide We have nothing to hide, so we show where the protein in our recipes come from on the front of our bag.

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Natural, Science-Based Nutrition Our mission is to make the healthiest and most nutritious pet food on the planet. nutritious pet food on the planet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Halo Elevate over other pet foods?

At Halo, we are committed to making the world’s healthiest and most nutritious pet food. Our Halo Elevate recipes provide leading nutrient levels to support the top 5 dog health needs. To learn more about how we compare to other pet foods, check out the Comparison Chart here.

What products are available in the Halo Elevate dog food portfolio?

We have a range of recipes that span across life stage (Adult and Puppy), breed size (Small Breed and Large Breed), protein (Chicken, Red Meat, Salmon, and Lamb), grain-free or with healthy grains, and food format (dry and wet). None of our products contain any corn, wheat, soy, peas, chickpeas or lentils. We also have poultry and potato free options.

Where can I find further nutritional detail on Halo Elevate products?

Our website, HaloPets.com, details all of the guaranteed analysis, ingredients and additional product details for our Halo Elevate products. To learn even more, check out the Nutrition section here.

Where are Halo Elevate ingredients sourced and products manufactured?

We produce all Halo Elevate dry recipes in the USA and we detail where each of our ingredients is sourced from and why we use each ingredient on our website, HaloPets.com. To learn even more, check out the Transparency section here.

Where can I buy Halo products?

For information on where to buy Halo, you can visit the store locator on our website, HaloPets.com.

How can I contact Halo?

Contact Us: 1-800-426-4256 (Mon - Fri 9am-5pm EST) or Email us: healthypets@halopets.com.

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